7 Ways to Learn Languages Online

The Internet is an incredible tool for language learning, but sometimes we have so many options that we don’t know where to begin! Check out these 7 ways to learn languages online for some creative and fun ways to learn a new language.

With Lyricstraining.com, you listen to songs while reading the lyrics and complete the missing words. The site offers songs in dozens of languages and offers classics and current hits. The site offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for all songs, so it’s great for all levels!

Listen and read at the same time with an audiobook! Short stories, novellas, classic novels, and even speeches are all available in written and audio form on many sites. For English learners, we recommend ESL Bits.

3. TED
Perhaps one of the most popular sites for learning a language is TED: the videos come with transcripts and well-written subtitles in many languages. With so many topics, you are sure to find a TED Talk that fits your interests.

Practise with our TED Activity Packs. Check them out here!

Sites such as Instagram are excellent for learning a language through context: by seeing the photo, you will better understand its caption. After reading the caption in your new language, click on “translate” to see if you understood.

Google has created an extension called Language Immersion that allows you to learn new words while you are reading online. The extension translates some of the words of any site into the language you choose (currently there are 64 languages offered). If you don’t understand the word, simply click on it and Google changes the word back to your native language.

Teachers have been using Quizlet for years, and it’s a great tool if you’re looking for some vocabulary practice!

The world of podcasts is large: find one you love! Podcasts are great while commuting, cleaning the house, or just relaxing. If you’re not at the level where you can listen without a transcript, check to see if the podcast has one: many do.

By Amanda Jones @Sedimentality

Chris Pinchen desvela la nueva cara de las relaciones humanas

Chris PinchenEl jueves 17 de marzo, disfrutamos del tercer Talk About del 2011 en la librería +bernat. En esta ocasión, Chris Pinchen nos habló sobre las redes sociales, llegando a la conclusión de que son la nueva cara de algo tan ancestral como las relaciones humanas.

Divididos en grupos, los participantes comentaron diferentes aspectos de Facebook, Twiter o Linkedin y expresaron sus opiniones sobre estos sitios web que están cambiando el mundo.

Muchas de las personas que vinieron se están convirtiendo en habituales del Talk About y esto promueve que la conversación sea más familiar. Aprovechamos para deciros desde aquí que si tenéis sugerencias o queréis enviarnos vuestro feedback lo recibiremos con mucho gusto, ya que nos encanta satisfacer vuestras expectativas.

Para finalizar, damos las gracias a todos por vuestra asistencia y gracias también al profesor/músico Mark Cunningham por acompañarnos. Él será el próximo invitado del Talk About…Jazz que organizamos el 14 de abril. See you soon!