Snowboarding, my passion by Sònia Vallès

Hace unos meses publicábamos el siguiente post de una de nuestras alumnas que están preparando el FCE: Student’s Review: ‘The Scorch Trials’ by Sònia Vallès 

Hoy Sònia Vallès quiere compartir una redacción más que ha escrito para practicar y preparar el apartado de writing.

12-2012-swanson-8“Have you ever tried doing any winter sports? If your answer is no, you should read this article.

Personally, I’m bad at sport, however I have balance and I am relatively fast, so snowboarding is my thing, but to snowboard you will also need patience, leg strength, and not to be nervous.

My dad taught me how to snowboard when I was five, what I first thought was: what type of sport is it? Now, I enjoy doing it a lot, but to get what I’ve achieved, I’ve had to come through a lot of falls and get over some aches and pains.

If you are thinking: what equipment do I need, I’ve got the answer. You will just need a helmet, an anorak, snow pants, gloves, and obviously, your board and boots. Luckily, you can rent it all, because they are all quite expensive to buy.

I can assure you that I will continue snowboarding until I get old, but how about you, will you try it?”

Sònia Vallès, Article to Sports World Monthly

Thanks Sònia!


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