He was Spanish too!

Aquí tenéis la última entrada recibida para el concurso literario.

Además, aprovechamos para comentaros que hemos ampliado el plazo de presentación de relatos hasta el 30 de junio, así os damos más tiempo de escribir vuestras experiencias. Recordad que podréis ganar cursos de inglés para mejorar vuestro nivel.

Many years ago, seven years to be precise, I travelled to London for five days. I went there with my school friends. It was the first time we travelled together, and also my first travel abroad. Like every tourist who travels abroad for the first time, I thought that anyone, except my friends, couldn’t understand me.

One day, when were walking in the city center, laughing and analyzing everything, a boy came to me. He just wanted to give me a pamphlet about a restaurant… a pamphlet in English. At that time, my English was worse than now (although today isn’t as good as I would like) and I supposed that I couldn’t understand the pamphlet. What did I do?

I said to the boy: “No no, thank you”, and I turned to go on my way and I said: “Total, no lo voy a entender”. Suddenly, unexpectedly, I saw the same boy behind me and said to me: Pues dice que hay comida muy buena y muy barata!” Yes! I put my foot on it too!

Effectively, the boy was Spanish too! And I learned that there are people who can understand you everywhere.

M. Torrejón


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