You’ll need to bring along a helmet

Buenos días a todos,
Volvemos del fin de semana con el penúltimo artículo para el concurso, antes de saber el ganador.

At that time flying could be an exciting experience till one found oneself in a lost trying to follow flight connection signs. So after landing I felt mystified in the immensity of Heathrow Airport searching my way for my onward journey to the Republic of Ireland.

Luckily there were surveying officers around to help travellers unfamiliar with airport routines.

–        So young lady…?
–         Please, I  go Dublin.
–         If you go to Ireland you’ll need to bring along a helmet.
–         ??
–         Anyway, keep following  that way and you’ll  find your departure gate.

After  spending a month with my large  Irish family from which I learned  to appreciate a hundred different shades of green in the landscape though never found a real shamrock,  and  many other practicalities of  life in Dublin , I left for the North. I  travelled for a week by train through  the Ulster. There I was confronted with a different sort of picture such as streets cut with barricades,  riot burnt  sites  and  going for a walk  supervised by a gun. It was the beginning of the so called “ Troubles” .

Over all the next years I was on the watch for events and it was with joy that I became acquainted with the negotiations that led to the end of the conflict with the Belfast “Good Friday” Agreement of 1998.

In my return journey to barna , I searched  at the London airport for the officer with the scornful smile. I missed the opportunity of thanking him for  such a valuable piece of advice.

Fdo G.B.


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