Snow in Sant Cugat

Volvemos a publicar un nuevo relato de los que hemos recibido para participar en el Concurso Literario. Recordad que durante la última semana de junio haremos público los artículos ganadores.

Once upon a time, i was working in an american multinational, whose name is well reputated and has a leadership in electronic facilities among several countries; i don´t want to disclouse its name but if i explain that the site is located in Sant Cugat del Valles, nearby Barcelona, perhaps you could  discovers which it is.

By the way, it happens that in february for certain year, one morning in a non specially hard winter, it started to snow very shy and calm in all places around Barcelona and Vallès. It is very rare because the sea level measurement is very low and below 100 meters and almost never is possible to see snow in such places.

But this morning the snow was a nice and happy presence for all employees who were working at the site and some of them went out to the garden to touch it and take pictures for the ocassion.. all were happy excepts the new Human Resources Manager, come from Oregon, in the United States only two weeks ago ; she was really afraid and worried about snow consequences and ask for an especific Steering Committe to talk about the situation.

 I was part of this Steering committe and i never forget her face wrinkles and comments about how we could arrange and solve  the weather conditions; we did a brainstorming of several ideas and suddenly , she looked everybody and said to all:

–        the best solution is find  a radio broadcast office near Sant Cugat and i will send a message to all employees working in evening or night shift that suggests they won´t come today due to snow, do you ?

–        Iah… but i heard a radio broadcast… in Catalunya there are a lot of them and it is a very low snow ( non more than 2 centimetres…), argue my colleague from Health and Safety..

–        No, no, in the States many times i went to the radio broadcast to give advices !!! she was really furious …

 Suddenly, our General Manager stopped the conversation saying to her that Oregon is not Sant Cugat and if we were following her indications, sure we will appear in the TV news for ilariuos and funest comments…

 Fdo R.B.


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