Introducing Willy

Buenos días,

Empezamos la semana con uno de los artículos recibidos para participar en el Concurso Literario. Os recordamos que podéis enviarnos vuestros textos hasta finales de mes, ¿a qué estáis esperando?

I will never forget my first walk around Poole with William, the boy I shared a house with the very first time I stayed in England. My brain has also kept in a prominent place the meaning of “willy”.

William was a shy boy, around my age. The second day the housekeeper made Willy take me for a walk to show me the town, shops, banks and whatever I might need during my stay. We walked around without much chatting, and as a good Latin, I felt somehow uncomfortable with his long silences.

We came across a funny shop window, full of toys, key rings, mugs… They all had a thing in common: funny sentences containing the word willy in it, just like my new friend’s name! It is a pity I cannot remember it properly, but some had to do with “introducing willy”.

I took it as I had learned it: introducing someone, making acquaintances… Nevertheless, sentences did not match with the cartoons.

So I happily asked William who Willy was, adding something like “look, he must be very famous, this boy. Is it you?” And even worse…”you know, in Poole I have introduced the first Willy in my life”.
William went deep red, then into green; finally, pale white and deathly silent. I thought it was due to shyness, so I insisted, until, he clearly and slowly said: “Willy is a penis”.

I wished the earth to swallow me up…. Later I learned that it is a slang word, which children use to refer to the penis.

No need to say that later we laughed a lot with my unfortunate comment. For my birthday, he sent me to Spain one of those willy mugs, and when I saw it, I still felt ashamed of my blunder. 

 Fdo. S.B.

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