English-Learning Genetic Defect

Por Matthew Ray, General Manager
Ziggurat Escuela Corporativa de Idiomas

If you try to learn English in a language academy in Spain (or another country), chances are you will be trying for a long time. Even if you do four hours per week from October to June, you will only have about 120 hours of contact in the classroom (assuming you don’t miss any of the classes and there are no cancellations). In other words, unless you work at home between classes, you are only guaranteed 120 hours of contact, which is the equivalent of about one week.

  • One day = 24 hours
  • Sleep = 8 hours
  • 24 – 8 = 16
  • Hours awake = 16 hours (= a real day)
  • 120 / 16 = 7.5 days

So, if you’ve been in and out of English academies for the past ten years and are still lower-intermediate (or worse), don’t worry…you don’t have an English-learning genetic defect, you just haven’t had much contact with the language.

I have never seen a student make considerable progress by ONLY attending class. Unless you are prepared to create contact with English outside of class, you will be trying to learn English for a long time. Why not include a little self-study as part of your English training and stop trying to learn English and just learn it.

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